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Maži’s Hill, a place of love on earth, nested in a natural environment, offers a beautiful experience to those who are ready to give and those who are ready to receive.

Our vision is to create a social enterprise story with a non-profit purpose that promotes equality and helps the most disadvantaged. The funds that our humanitarian organisation, Vrba in sonce, will generate through income-generating activities will be entirely dedicated to good causes and community support.

While we may not change the world or society, we can bring smiles to faces, guide and change life paths, nurture wellbeing, foster resilience, and create a connected community.

Past humanitarian events

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About the Vrba in sonce foundation

There are many marginalised groups among us: children in foster care, victims of domestic violence, abandoned children, etc., who, while they have transferred to safer environments, are consequently deprived of a normal life as known by the rest of us.

Often, each of us looks out only for ourselves and our families, while becoming increasingly blind to those who are truly unheard, oppressed, abandoned and silenced. Sometimes life is easier if we do not see these people and remain numb to the pain of others. This aspect is the main reason for our action, because we want to use nature to create a safe environment to help the disadvantaged.

This is why we need income-generating activities that will enable our institution to start generating a healthy income. With the help of an initial investments, we aim to become profitable, continuously develop, and provide help to those who need it most.

As our guest, you can enjoy our services, visit a unique and beautiful place, and contribute to a noble story that helps people in need.

In the coming years

We are in the process of obtaining permits to construct a nature-oriented and sustainably-focused boutique camp, where respect for nature and ecological aspects are at the forefront. Our campsite will combine modern comfort and harmony with the environment.

In addition to picturesque camping plots above the lake, we will also offer cabins of various sizes, built from natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, and straw. Our campsite will also offer a space for events, socialising and showcasing local products.

There will be ample parking, a natural bathing pond, modern and eco-friendly toilets and a reception with a café. Our aim is to create a unique experience where you can feel at ease and connected with nature.

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